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Web Developer, based in Bath, UK

Lee Stone

I am a web developer, based in Bath in the UK and specialising in PHP development. I currently work as a senior web developer for Gradwell Communications Ltd.

As a web developer I also have a strong interest in development best practices and project management. Outside of web development I have been known to experiment with Android app development.

In my spare time, I enjoy working in technical theatre. I can be found annually at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival helping run a selection of theatres with theSpaceUK. Closer to home, I assist with the student shows at The University of Bath.

I also enjoy photography, preferring to photograph theatrical or dance performances, live music or theme parks. When not in front of a computer or in a theatre, I can usually be found on a roller coaster in the nearest theme park.

Web Development

Specialising in PHP, taking advantage of many technologies.

As a web developer, I spend most of my time developing in PHP, but utilise other web technologies such as Javascript and CSS as and when required.

I like to produce code which implements best practices - Unit Tests, PHP-FIG standards, usage of reusable components via composer etc. Where appropriate, I like to take advantage of frameworks. I am most familiar with Zend Framework, however, I also have experience with Symfony and Slim.

Across the web applications I have developed, as well as interacting with MySQL and Mongo Dabatabases, they have also integrated with a number of third party APIs including Twitter, Zendesk, Google Charts, Twilio, Facebook & Parallels Business Automation (PBA).

The websites I have developed include simple brochure websites, customer control panels for VoIP and Hosting services, customer management sites and RESTful APIs.



Previous Web Development Experience

Gradwell Communications Ltd

Senior Web Developer / Bath, UK / 2011 - Current

Whilst at Gradwell I have been involved in maintaining and evolving a suite of control panels used by our staff and customers. These control panels allow customers to purchase products, configure their VoIP, hosting and broadband services and also manage their billing and account information.

I have helped develop a new single sign on service used by our web applications and helped improve the security of our offerings at the same time.

Our web applications are written in PHP, with newer applications being built on Zend Framework. As well as using our own database, we also have to integrate with a number of third party services via APIs including Netsuite, Zendesk, Parallels Automation and Twitter.

Within the role I have also helped introduce new best practices to the team and enhance existing ones, including the use of Composer, unit testing via PHPUnit, continuous integration via Jenkins and Bamboo and completing code reviews.

Vodafone Group R&D

Intern / Newbury, UK / 2009 - 2010

During my degree, I spent a year working for Vodafone Group R&D.

My main project during this year was to help produce a prototype of a Google Voice like application. This was written in Java using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and took advantage of Google Maps, Twillio & internal Vodafone APIs.

I was also involved in some early research into Google Wave (after it was announced) to see how Vodafone could take advantage of the technology.

Technical Theatre

Event Management & Show Lighting

Outside of work, one of the things I enjoy is working in technical theatre. This interest started at University and is where I continue to help today. I can also be found helping run a number of venues for theSpaceUK at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and have been involved in lighting shows at The Astrolabe at Glastonbury Festival.

The areas of technical theatre I enjoy most are lighting for dance or live music, or the planning of the technical aspects of shows. I also happily get involved with the rigging and


Pre-production Manager & Site Technical Manager / Edinburgh Festival Fringe / 2010 - Current

theSpaceUK run a number of award winning venues at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. These venues are built annually and are run for the entire length of the Fringe Festival, with over 250 different shows taking place across all of the venues.

As pre-production manager for a number of these venues, I am involved early on in the planning process with the performing companies. In this role I answer technical questions about the venue and help them plan how they will use the space for their performance.

At the festival itself, as well as assisting with the building/de-construction of the performance venues, I help manage the technical running of these venues. This involves general problem solving, helping and managing a number of technical crew who run the venues on a day to day basis, supporting the box office teams and continuing to maintain relationships with the performing companies.

Backstage Technical Services

The University of Bath / 2007 - Current

Focussing on student shows and events, whilst at University I was involved both with assisting in events and also the running of this society in the roles of Treasurer and Chair. Since graduating, I am now an associate member and continue to assist regularly at events.

With Backstage I was the technical event manager for Freshers' Week 2008 - a week long timetable of nightly events for 2000+ students, a couple of annual dance shows - a week long set of performances containing 30 dances and up to 100 performers, a number of professional touring dance shows and many other student events.

More regularly, I assisted and continue to assist with the rig, de-rig and general running of student productions which run for up to a week at a time. These take place in a variety of locations, some of which have theatrical infrastructure in place and others where it needs to be built.

All the crew working on Backstage events are volunteers, which brings an interesting dynamic to working on events.


A Hobby

Photography is a hobby for me, usually taking place alongside the other activities I enjoy.

Most of my photos are taken at theatre or live music events I have been involved with from a technical aspect.

Alternatively, you'll find they usually picture a theme park. Disney parks when I can get there, or most commonly Thorpe Park.

Have a look at my Flickr Photostream to see samples of my work.

Photography Examples


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