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University: Lecture Notes

by on Jan.31, 2009, under University

This post is for Thursday, 29th January, 2009

Notes - by Mark Braday

Notes - by Mark Brady

It’s the first week of the new semester at university. It means it’s time for new modules, new lecturers and new methods of receiving notes. I think between all my modules this semester, I cover all possible methods of receiving / taking notes.

  • There is the traditional lecturer who speaks and puts notes up on the board, but it’s up to us to take notes as nothing is published after the lecture.
  • I also have the lecturer who has given us everything in advance, essentially minimizing the need to go to lectures if we didn’t want to.
  • The other method is to give us all of the basic notes in advance, but miss out proofs and examples, requiring us to go the lectures to get these.
  • Finally there are the lectures where you take notes during them, however, at the end of the week the majority of the notes are published online.

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Photo: Neidpath Castle

by on Jan.29, 2009, under Photos

This post is for Tuesday, 27th January 2009.

This week’s photo is of Neidpath Castle, situated near Peebles in Scotland. It was take in November 2007, a couple of days before my sister’s wedding which took place within the castle featured in the photo.

Neidpath Castle

Neidpath Castle

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Backstage: Lego Moving Head

by on Jan.28, 2009, under Backstage

As I’ve been a little rubbish recently with getting posts out, I thought I’d try and get at least a quick post out on time.

I found the following video whilst looking through Blue Rooms:

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Photo: Cinderella’s Castle

by on Jan.27, 2009, under Photos

This post is for Tuesday, 13th January

This week’s photo is of Cinderella’s Castle and was taken at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World during my holiday in October 2006

Cinderella's Castle

Cinderella's Castle

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Theme Parks: Disney Offers Buy Outs to 600 Managers

by on Jan.25, 2009, under Theme Parks

Although not your standard Theme Park discussion this week, this story did grab my attention in the RSS Feeds.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The Walt Disney Co. offered buyouts Wednesday to more than 600 executives at its U.S. resorts — including 313 in Orlando — as the company struggles to cut costs amid a worsening recession.

The company planned to hand-deliver buyout packages to 619 executives, each of whom will have until Feb. 6 to decide whether to accept the offer.

Disney warned it will resort to lay offs if too few employees voluntarily walk away.

Disney seems to be trying its hardest to take as minimal impact as possible by targeting its cost saving measures (at least they haven’t gone directly into letting people go), along with trying to keep attendance up such as by cutting hotel rates.

Whilst the cuts are at the higher level, I don’t think it will impact the guest experience we have all come to love at Disney. However, if they have to start laying off staff lower down the chain, it is at that stage I think we risk seeing it influencing the experience we have at the Disney parks.

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Photo: The Eiffel Tower

by on Jan.24, 2009, under Photos

This post is for Tuesday, 6th January, 2009.

This week’s photo is of the Eiffel Tower, taken during my recent holiday over in Paris.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

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Random: Apple Introduces Laptop Without Keyboard

by on Jan.23, 2009, under Random

This post is for Sunday 11th January 2009

This video made the rounds quite quickly on the web, but I found it pretty funny so thought I’d share it on here too.

The main thing about this video is that there are quite a few bits of it that are true – especially regarding people buying anything new Apple releases!

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TV: Derren Brown – An Evening of Wonders

by on Jan.23, 2009, under TV & Film

Derren Brown an Evening of WondersI’m a Derren Brown Fan. I think I’ve seen all his programs that have been on Channel 4 previous to this being aired and I imagine I’ll continue to watch everything he airs after. When I say I’ve watched them – that’s at least once. As a lot of them ended up on 4OD, I’ve watched quite a few of them again.

As such I probably shouldn’t be surprised that this happened. When an Evening of Wonders first aired, I must admit I missed the start (unfortunately this was due to revision for exams – it’s probably better that I was doing the revision). However, I decided to pop down  to the lounge to speak to someone, where they happened to be watching Derren Brown. I ended up down there watching it for the remainder of the program and catching up on the bit I missed at the start as soon as I could.

Derren Brown’s ‘An Evening of Wonders’ aired on 14th January on Channel 4. It was filmed at the Garrick Theatre in early June 2008 (the exact date can be found out as part of one of the acts).

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Photo: Snow Ball 2008

by on Jan.22, 2009, under Photos

This post is for Tuesday 20th January 2008

This week’s photo was taken at the University of Bath’s Snow Ball on 4th December 2008

Snow Ball 2008

Snow Ball 2008

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Move to a New Host

by on Jan.21, 2009, under General

My move to a new host is almost complete. I am, however, having some trouble getting items off my old site, so there may be a slight delay until my first daily post. Look for it soon though! (continue reading…)

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