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Backstage: How Lee Gels and Filters Are Produced

by on May.24, 2009, under Backstage

This post is for Wednesday, 20th May, 2009

A very quick post this one. A lot of you have probably seen this video before, but I stumbled across it the other day and found it quite interesting so thought I’d share it.

The video is a brief look at how Lee produce their gels and filters – a chance to see where our money goes!

Please ‘Read More’ to view the video as it is an autostart :( (continue reading…)

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Backstage: BUSMS Little Shop of Horrors

by on Mar.27, 2009, under Backstage

lsoh-posterThis post is for Wednesday 25th March, 2009

The main reason for my blog not being updated recently is BUSMS’ performance of Little Shop of Horrors. Although I was only the LX desk op, it meant many hours in the theatre (including 40 hours solid to do a pre-plot before the tech), however, even if I do say so myself, the show was fantastic.

From a performers point of view it went really well – no major problems during the dress or any of the performances and even the band didn’t seem to mind too much about being put in a cupboard (the small area forming the outside of the shop).

From a Backstage point of view everything seemed to go well. The set was mainly our new set of flats, which popped up and down really quickly (great news for a quick de-rig). The plants and some of the props, were a good purchase to save some time and the rest of the props seemed to be sourced elsewhere.

100_0253Lighting wise, although we had a reasonable number of generic fixtures up in the sky (3 different washes plus a reasonable number of specials), there was nothing particularly complicated (no scrollers, or heads to mess around with). This made programming nice and quick (the pre-plot of just over 100 cues, although done in the very early hours of the morning took about 4 hours, including listening through tracks etc.). By doing this pre-plot, it meant we got through the tech even quicker, with any modifications being easy to make. The only problems we really had were with the booms which unfortunately landed in the path of the additional tab track we fitted.

Sound seemed to have the most problems and seemed to take longer to set-up. The band wasn’t huge but were put inside a wooden box. We used 8 radio mics – 2 or so of which were swapped among different performers. The reason it took longer was probably due to us put a fair amount more into it than usual and it did result in it sounding pretty good when it was all done – not bad considering they were mixing from the gallery at the side of the theatre, rather than central like they usually are!

With this all in, I think it resulted in one of the best shows I’ve seen in the last couple of years at Bath Uni. I do wish all the audiences had been like the one on the Saturday (closing night though). They got really into it and it was obvious they were enjoying the show, leading to everyone else enjoying it a lot more too.

Read more for some photos.

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Backstage: Keeping Things Simple

by on Feb.18, 2009, under Backstage

At the weekend, I worked on a smallish event which was the Recital concert, for one of the Students’ Union Societies – Chaos

There was only a couple of us working on the event and it reminded me the importance of keeping things simple and how well it could work.

The venue we were working in was University Hall, which is not a frequently used venue (this is the third time we’ve used it since September). As there was only two of us present we decided to meet the client’s needs and keep things sensibe: 6 1K Fresnels to wash the stage area, 2 spots created using source four juniors (one for the piano, the one for the other performance spot) and four par 64s to act as uplighters either side of the projection screen.

That was it. It took us less than half an hour to rig and with so little, programming each peformance on the Jester was effortless, yet in my opinion it was one of the best looking events we’d carried out in Uni Hall.

Chaos Recital - The Lady Choir

Chaos Recital - The Lady Choir

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Backstage: Lego Moving Head

by on Jan.28, 2009, under Backstage

As I’ve been a little rubbish recently with getting posts out, I thought I’d try and get at least a quick post out on time.

I found the following video whilst looking through Blue Rooms:

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