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TV: Red Dwarf Returns

by on Apr.10, 2009, under TV & Film

It has been talked about for a long time now and tonight, Red Dwarf returned to our screens with a brand new episode being aired on Dave.

Three new episodes of Red Dwarf are airing this weekend

Three new episodes of Red Dwarf are airing this weekend

Personally, I’ve only really ‘got into’ Red Dwarf in the last couple of years – generally watching the repeats on Dave when not a lot else was on TV.

Perhaps it is a result of following bobbyllew on twitter, but I was looking forward to a brand new episode, but as many others seemed to be, I was left disappointed.

One of the first things that stood out was the use of some CGI, some of it just didn’t fit in at all, the skutters looked especially strange. The CGI is something people have been quite nervous about in the run up to this episode. A reasonable job of trying to keep it in the old style,  seems to have been attempted but doesn’t quite achieve in my opinion

The missing laugh track also seemed to stand out and possibly made the episode less funny. It’s one of those things that I would normally expect not to miss, but maybe it’s because they used an audience track of people laughing rather than canned laughter on their earlier episodes. After watch an old episode straight afterwards, it has made it even more noticeable and reinforced my opinion that the lack of laugh track has detracted from the show.

Linked to this, I’m not sure if some style of humour were missing. The ‘bit crap’ made me laugh as did a few other bits, but I’m hoping this will improve in later episodes.

From a character point of view, perhaps I haven’t watched enough Red Dwarf, but I didn’t notice a huge amount of difference apart from a slight aging (with the exception of Kryten – but I think the make up helps this). The characters became immediately believable again though and didn’t seem liked they’d really been gone. I did miss the lack of Holly though and the humour brought from this character.

As an episode itself it seemed incredibly short and didn’t seem to get anywhere story wise – hence I’m struggling to make many more comments. As for the new woman involved – not convinced yet. I’m holding out hope that it will continue to improve in the next couple of episodes.

As I write, I’m watching an older episode on Dave – Gunmen of the Apocalypse and so far I’ve laughed more at that episode than I did throughout the entireity of the new one.

I’ll wait and see if things improve at 9pm tomorrow when the next episode airs.

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Want to enjoy an older episode? Why not grab a DVD?

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Formula 1 Returns

by on Apr.01, 2009, under TV & Film

Formula 1 returned to our screens the past weekend, with a return to the BBC. Which is fantastic news – no advert breaks and we get these titles:

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TV: Not a Huge Amount on

by on Mar.27, 2009, under TV & Film

tv_blanklayer1A very quick post about TV this week, but has anyone else noticed there really hasn’t been a lot on recently?

I’ve been quite busy with work and organising different things,, which usually results in a backlog of TV programs to watch on iPlayer, however this really hasn’t happended. The only thing I’ve been watching of late is Qi, which isn’t too difficult to keep up with.

However, The Apprentice has started again – I’ll probably make a blog post on it a few weeks into the series. F1 also starts again on the BBC this weekend which I’m looking forward to.

Have I missed out on something I should be watching, or am I right in thinking that there really isn’t a lot on?

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TV: Derren Brown – An Evening of Wonders

by on Jan.23, 2009, under TV & Film

Derren Brown an Evening of WondersI’m a Derren Brown Fan. I think I’ve seen all his programs that have been on Channel 4 previous to this being aired and I imagine I’ll continue to watch everything he airs after. When I say I’ve watched them – that’s at least once. As a lot of them ended up on 4OD, I’ve watched quite a few of them again.

As such I probably shouldn’t be surprised that this happened. When an Evening of Wonders first aired, I must admit I missed the start (unfortunately this was due to revision for exams – it’s probably better that I was doing the revision). However, I decided to pop down  to the lounge to speak to someone, where they happened to be watching Derren Brown. I ended up down there watching it for the remainder of the program and catching up on the bit I missed at the start as soon as I could.

Derren Brown’s ‘An Evening of Wonders’ aired on 14th January on Channel 4. It was filmed at the Garrick Theatre in early June 2008 (the exact date can be found out as part of one of the acts).

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